Adam understood what I was looking for my tunes perfectly. He took my songs to a high level. He's very professional and a nice person. Excellent communication and music quickly recorded. I highly recommend to work with him.

David Baechler / Switzerland

There are many words I can use to describe Adam but Iíll use one: PROFESSIONAL. The way he handles business, the way he plays and the way he communicates is exactly what you need for your project. I was in the market for a guitarist for my transmedia IP, GODíS CALAMITY, as my two main guitarists were on separate tours. The IP is sonic theater and the storyline can be changed depending on the listenerís playlist choices so attention to detail and getting things "right" is a must. Adam and I met via Craigslist and the process to get the ball rolling was quick. There was no upfront money required, he replied in a timely fashion, he asked for samples of my work so he could get a feel for the material and in 24 hours he gave me a rough track. The rough track blew me away but he wanted to add more for good measure so who was I to stop him? He's already recorded a track for the albums sequel and Iíll be using him for more IMPS (Interactive Music Playlist Songs) for God's Calamity: The Beggar's Bullet.
Hands down he's one of the best guitarists Iíve worked with, he's a pleasure to work with and, if I could, I'd have him work exclusively for me. That's how good he is.

Heresy / Vallejo, CA, United States / Website

I came across Adam accidentally via Google and, surprisingly, it turned out that he understood music the way I do... He played exactly what each song needed - bass, guitar and drums/percussions. He is not only talented but also very professional - customer oriented, fast, reliable and humble. And he is also a very nice person. I am looking forward to working with him again.

Magdalena Maduaka (M'Ndavi) / Copenhagen, Denmark / Website, Facebook, BandCamp

I had arranged a song I had written to feature an old friend of mine on bass. I had this particular musician friend in mind because the bass line called for something very lyrical in style and approach. That is how I would best describe my old friend's bass playing style. Unfortunately, due to an injury, my buddy had to stop playing bass for a good stretch of time. About that time, I spotted Adam on reverbnation, and I asked him if he can take a listen to the project I had been working on. Long story short, Adam ended up providing me with 2 very solid tracks to choose from. Both tracks addressed everything Adam and I discussed about the arrangement, and the role that was intended for the bass in the production. He got it! He gave me more melody in the lower registers, which is what I had requested. I have more projects coming up, and I am now thinking of how the tracks will lay out, with Adam's bass in mind.

Gerry Magallan / Mesa, TX, United States / Facebook, YouTube, BandCamp

When I was seeking out a bass player to help me with the vital task of re-recording my debut album, ďThoughts & ThunderĒ, I had several criteria in mind. The bassist had to first and foremost, love the instrument, he had to have a passion for bass and music that extended beyond the boundaries of genres and be willing to step across those boundaries and make any style of music shine. That archetypal bassist I found in Adam.
I had some bass parts of my own already, and he was able to take the general concepts I had and sculpt them into art, fitting the songs perfectly each time. I personally play heavy metal akin to Metallica & Dream Theater, and Adam customized a heavy a powerful bass tone for my songs that quite honestly shattered my initial expectations from someone who I found on a simple Google search. Adam has a way of feeling out what you're trying to say with your songs and helping make that into reality with very prompt and professional work and a great attitude. A perfectionist with great attention to detail; be ready to improve your own playing to match his abilities! You can't go wrong with Adam and I'd work with him again with no second thoughts.

Michael J. Amari (ThunderWorks) / Redding, CT, United States / Website

I would like to recommend Adam Gordon to you as a session and recording musician. I hired Adam to record a song for my short film and he played several instruments. He made it sound exactly how I needed it. Adam is passionate about music and his rates are very good. He works very quickly, will finish your project on time will work with you until you are satisfied with his work. He is a talented multi instrumentalist, creative, and is always professional. Adam is friendly and has an enthusiastic attitude and treats each project as a priority. I am confident Adam will provide you with the music that you need for your project.

Mike Anzel / New York, NY, United States / YouTube

More reviews soon.

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