I know how important is good track. Sometimes a little detail can break or improve whole production. That's why I offer you affordable and high-quality instrumental tracks for your recording. Whatever you play - hip-hop, jazz, reggae, rock, heavy metal, fusion, acoustic rock, blues - I can help you. I used to work as a session musician in Switzerland, Poland and United States doing lot of recordings and live performances. Check out my work and make a great music with me. It's time to get the groove!

Available instruments: Kania Bass 6 string custom fretted electric bass, Squier Jazz Bass fretless 4 string electric bass, Fender Stratocaster Standard electric guitar, Fender Jazz Bass 4 fretted, various virtual instruments (pianos, grand pianos, hammond organ, synthesizers, orchestral instruments, strings, brass, woodwinds, brass, drums, percussions).

Check out samples below.

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Once you're satisfied by my instrumental track the pricing is
$70 per track of particular instrument.
You get a wav file. If there's a need, I can send a clean tracks without any effects too.
I care about your satisfaction and safety. If for some reason you're afraid to pay for all when you ordered few tracks you can pay them separately - you pay for one, get one and from the top. I'm ok with it.

How it works

1. Contact me and tell me exacly about your overall vision, purpose, everything. It would be great if you could send me some tracks that I can refer to. It helps me to record needed music much faster, I don't have to guess, usually a written description is not enough to get what you've been thinking about.

2. Send me your track(s) in WAV so I can start recording instruments for you.

3. After music for you is recorded I will send you mp3 file for you to approve. You don't pay until you're happy.

4. Payment via PAYPAL.

5. Once payment is received you will get a direct link to a WAV (24 bit/48 kHz) file with instrument part.

Session musician. Any sound you dream of.

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